The goal of this project is to help journalism focus more resources on what it does best: telling stories of the community around them. To achieve this, we have created a tool that makes the distribution of those stories to the community easier.

Our application simplifies live broadcasting for newsrooms and reaches a broader age range by leveraging the audience's online presence, beyond traditional television.

We firmly believe that we can contribute to reducing news deserts in Argentina and worldwide. That's why our commitment to the journalistic community is to keep SAOViVO free and accessible forever.

However, we need your support to make this possible:

Go to this GITHUB and improve the code.

SAOViVO was created by Nico Russo and funded by Google News Initiative.

Thanks to those funds and the job of Marina Avila (product leader), Emiliano Billi (Developer) y Elena Ficher (UX / UI designer) this is only the beginning of a tool as important as the community it serves.

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